Custom Publishing

Stand out from the crowd with Custom Publishing.

Custom publishing is a communication and marketing strategy designed to acquire new customers and strengthen the loyalty of existing ones. It is carefully crafting editorial content that entertains and informs the audience. With the combination of credible journalism and skilled marketing, a long lasting relationship is formed with the customer. Unlike traditional methods of advertising that is created for broad audiences, custom publications are targeted to a specific audience. Therefore, the reader receives a personalized message that grabs their attention and remains in their mind. The power of custom publishing is just that. Readers get valuable content that they are interested in, and your company gets a specific message across. Thus, a strong relationship between the company and the consumer is built.
At eSchool Media Custom Publishing, our goal is to take the power of your brand one step further by helping you create custom publishing that speaks to your customers while delivering your unique sales message.
Custom publishing represents many forms of media. Whether it’s a magazine, web site, newsletter, or email, the message is written in the voice of the company to capture the heart of its reader.
  • Custom Magazines
  • Publisher’s Reports
  • School Technology Action Reports
  • White Papers
  • Best Practices
  • Corporate Collateral
  • Production Services
Stand out from the crowd. Offer a unique message. Deliver it creatively. Measure the results. That’s custom publishing.

eSchool Media + Your Marketing Message = Powerful Communications

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