The eSchool Media family of networks serves ed-tech decision makers throughout the world, primarily in Canada and the United States. Our audience includes executive educators (from principals and every U.S. superintendent) at the building- and district-level in elementary and secondary schools; administrators (from chancellors, presidents, and deans to provosts, vice-presidents, and department directors) in two- and four-year colleges, public and private universities, and state university systems; as well as instructors, teachers, and professors of all subjects at every grade level. eSchool Media strives to provide the best news, information, and resources to help K-20 decision makers discover, evaluate, and procure technology to transform education and achieve educational goals.


eSchool News

Overview: Together with the top education-technology writers, editors, columnists, and reporters of eSchool News, your ad campaign in eSchool News ensures your products, services, company, and brand stay top of mind among the people who matter most in education procurement.
Distribution: Print and Digital Formats, 6 issues per year
Circulation: 91,634 June 2014
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eCampus News

Overview: eCampus News provides concise, practical reports of the news, trends, ideas, case studies, products, and services college leaders need to achieve their educational and operational goals. It is the trusted resource higher-ed leaders rely on for the news and information they require as they equip their institutions to succeed with 21st century teaching, learning, and research.
Circulation: 102,000+ higher-education leaders
Distribution: Digital Format, 6 issues per year
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eClassroom News

Overview: eClassroom News delivers news and information via web, eMail, webinars, and video communications to today’s classroom instructor. Our news and information provide education-technology content and services for teachers and educators to help them achieve their educational goals in the classroom.
Circulation: 52,000+ opt-in subscribers
Distribution: eMail, Weekly