Marketing Solutions

Lead & Demand Generation


Educator Resource Center (ERC)

Increase your ROI with our most powerful custom online marketing tool – a custom ERC.

eSchool Media will develop a targeted partner microsite on eSchool News or eCampus News for your organization that will not only resonate with K-20 technology decision makers but will also bring you highly qualified leads. Highlighting your products, services, and capabilities with an Educator Resource Center provides these decision makers your unique solutions right at their fingertips.

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Content Syndication/Lead Generation

Leverage your organization’s marketing efforts with sponsored content marketing assets like custom white papers or case studies for maximum impact while generating qualified leads with eSchool Media. Your assets will be hosted on the eSchool News or eCampus News website where elite buyers and top education technology decision makers will have access to your exclusive content 24/7.

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Content Pipeline Marketing & Tele-Qualification NEW!

Let eSchool Media help your sales team hit their target and achieve their goals with our new Content Pipeline Marketing program. We will take your most valued leads and tele-qualify and nurture them – helping convert prospects into sales opportunities. It’s time for your lead generation to evolve, take your leads to the next level with eSchool Media today!


2X Content Marketing NEW!

Boost your content marketing strategy with 2X Content Marketing for a one – two – punch. First drive leads with a custom content piece of your choice, then our marketing team will re-target each lead with a strategically positioned success story or case study for further review.

Custom Content Strategy & Publishing


Custom White Paper

Let the eSchool Media expert editorial team create a unique and strategic content marketing piece for your organization. Custom product messaging surrounding your technology solution(s) will target and connect you with industry and ed-tech decision makers.

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Custom Case Study

Looking for a strategic content marketing piece to help boost awareness and spread your product messaging to K-20 technology decision makers? The editorial staff at eSchool Media will collaborate with you and your ed-tech customers to create a success story highlighting your product.

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Essential Guide for Ed-Tech NEW!

Using a combination of eSchool Media content from eSchool News or eCampus News, partner content, and your unique content, the eSchool Media team will design a guide that will enable your targets to learn more about your products and services in a manner that positions your company as a true thought leader.   Powerful content without the sales pitch.

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Custom Research Survey

Partner with eSchool Media to deploy an exclusive industry survey. Your organization will gain invaluable insight from our engaged audience of K-20 ed-tech professionals to determine attitudes and reactions, measure customer satisfaction, gauge opinions about current initiatives and much more. Our education marketing team will build the survey instrument around your topic of choice to help inform you with valuable industry statistics and feedback for your next product launch, marketing campaign or sales initiative.

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Share your marketing message with a content-rich and visually compelling infographic.

Our eSchool Media design team will take your custom data and artfully create a piece that is engaging and thought provoking. This infographic will fuel your brand message while connecting you to K-20 ed-tech decision makers. Then our lead generation activities will help establish your company as an industry thought leader.

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Top-X List NEW!

Connect and engage top ed-tech decision makers with Solution Oriented Marketing.  Choose a solution and let the eSchool Media editorial team create your top x list to provide a series of tips or steps that help your targets solve a problem or guide them in the decision-making process.  This unique top-x list will also aid in boosting your SEO strategy.

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Voices from the Field NEW!

An exclusive Voices from the Field report features insight from top K-20 IT and administrative leaders in a series of five unique questions. The eSchool Media editorial team, in collaboration with your team, identifies five questions for in-depth responses.

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Ed-Tech Point of View

The eSchool Media Ed-Tech Point of View offers a platform in which to showcase one of your company executives as a thought leader within the K-20 market. A custom report will be created in collaboration with the eSchool Media editorial staff to set this tone and communicate the challenges facing our industry today.

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eSchool Media Special Report

The eSchool Media award-winning editorial staff prepares each special report to assist readers in making better purchasing decisions throughout the entire year. We pair your organization’s important marketing message with original editorial, so your special report showcases your unique story to the K-20 ed-tech decision makers that matter most.

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Publisher Report

Showcase your mission to a receptive audience of K-20 technology decision makers with an exclusive eSchool Media Publishers Report.  Present your unique content and marketing message in an editorial format for improved response.

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Success Spread

Let eSchool Media help you connect with your audience to spread the word about your recent ed-tech triumphs and accomplishments. A success spread with eSchool Media will help your organization communicate your unique message while reaching multiple connected channels.

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Webinars & Events


eSchool Media Webinars

An eSchool Media webinar is a powerful tool that allows you to communicate your message and establish a thought leadership perspective while connecting directly to K-20 education technology decision makers. With our webinars the sponsor may select the topic and provide unique and informative content for the presentation including an interactive Q & A. We also offer a unique turnkey webinar option for our clients to help reach their desired audience.

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Custom Events

eSchool Media is here to produce your next custom event—from logistics to content management. eSchool Media will handle all logistics, operations, program development, and audience acquisition. During the custom event you’ll be able to effectively communicate your expertise in the market and position your organization as an industry thought-leader.


Custom Contests

Let eSchool Media run your company’s custom contest to help grow your audience and increase customer engagement while spreading your unique message throughout the ed-tech industry.

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Branding & Awareness Generation


Print & Digital Magazine Advertising

eSchool Media offers the most direct requested print & digital publications for ed-tech today – eSchool News for the K-12 market and eCampus News for the higher education market. Reach top key K-20 decision makers and elite ed-tech buyers when advertising in our print and digital editions – eSchool News and eCampus News are the leading source of ed-tech news nationwide.

ROS Banners

Reach your target K-20 audience and drive response with a banner campaign on eSchool News or eCampus News.  K-20 ed-tech decision makers turn to eSchool Media for the most up-to-date technology news, industry trends, research, analysis, and much more. Increase visibility and engage these top decision makers by positioning your brand while driving traffic to your organization’s website.

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High Impact Banners

Engage and connect with your audience by running high impact banner ads with eSchool Media on the eSchool News or eCampus News websites. This cutting-edge technology will help distribute your marketing message to K-20 technology decision makers and drive traffic to your organization’s website.

eNewsletter Sponsorship

Deliver your message directly to the inboxes of K-20 administrators and decision makers – the eSchool Media daily and weekly enewsletters are a “must-have” resource in education today! As a sponsor your marketing message will gain even more impact and authority by appearing alongside the high value editorial content produced by our award-winning editorial team.

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Exclusive Partner eMail Direct Marketing (eDM)

Partner with eSchool Media and boost sales with an exclusive email marketing message. Target ed-tech decision makers using this direct marketing approach while significantly increasing traffic to your website.

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eSchool Media Spotlight

Increase your ROI with an exclusive eSchool News or eCampus News Spotlight email. Partner with eSchool Media to deploy a strategic editorial Spotlight eDM for your organization.


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Creative & Design

Creative & Design

Partner with eSchool Media to give your creative needs a boost.  Let the experts at eSchool Media help you create the perfect marketing project. We understand the ed-tech market and can craft custom content and creative that’s right for you!

We would love to discuss our new creative services with you, please contact us for more information.

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Social Media Marketing


Ed-Tech Twitter Hour

An Ed-Tech Twitter Hour with eSchool Media is a fast and effective way to ignite conversation and collaborate with key decision makers. During your exclusive Twitter Hour an eSchool News or eCampus News editor will moderate an interactive discussion around your topic of choice. Connect with your audience and gain new followers.