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Provide a well written article we can share with our audience and we’ll post it along with our daily editorial content – then provide you qualified sales leads of readers!


Native Adverting is the hottest trend in content marketing. Your content, labeled as Sponsored Content, seamlessly integrates with editorial content on our websites. You provide the article and we promote the content to our audience of decision makers and stakeholders online, in our eNewsletters, and through other traffic-driving initiatives. Recent research indicates the following:

  • 25% more decision makers view native ad placements compared with traditional branding ads.
  • Decision makers looked at native ads 2% more than editorial content, and spent the same time viewing.
  • Native ads registered 18% higher lift in purchase intent than banner ads.

What you get:

  • Premium promotion of your article in our daily and weekly email newsletters.
  • Full-text of article on eSchoolNews.com or eCampusNews.com.
  • Social sharing tools included on your article.
  • Content presented similarly to our editorial, but byline will state “Content Provided by Sponsor” to maintain transparency and trust with our audience.
  • Weekly lead reporting, including all relevant data for anyone who has accessed the article for 30 days.


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