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eSchool Media has just launched our Industry News & Opinion platform, offering industry leaders a free, unifying platform to discuss some of the most pressing and exciting topics in technology & innovation. Dozens of your edtech industry peers have already contributed their thoughts to our new platform—just take a look below! Our goal in launching this eSchool News- and eCampus News-supported platform is twofold: to establish the author and their company/organization as thought leaders in the education arena (both in schools and among their peers), and also to improve education’s outcomes overall by providing a direct connection between visionaries and those in-practice in school and districts today. I encourage you to learn more by visiting our new platform here as well as our ‘Contribute’ page here.

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Greatest lesson: Teacher buy-in is overrated
teacher buy-in

By Dr. Karen Beerer
Vice President of Learning and Development, Discovery Education

One of the greatest lessons my 30 years of experience in education has taught me is that teacher buy-in is, sometimes, overrated.

5 ways the cloud is building the University of the Future
apps outside classroom

By Joy Walton
Managing Director, Huron

The goal for any higher education institution is the same: attract, retain and graduate quality students. However, the way students seek and complete their education is changing. The future of higher education depends upon adapting to these changesl.…

When school's out, IT is in–A checklist before fall
teachers challenges

By Steve Stover
VP of Product Management and Product Marketing, Samanage

No matter how you spin it, digital tools and technology won't do a thing for students unless a highly-qualified teacher is at the helm. Yes, educational technology has the potential to boost student achievement and engagement--but not on its own. Add an effective teacher to the mix, however, and you've…

15 of the best apps to engage students outside the classroom
15 of the best apps to engage students outside the classroom

By Dave Saltmarsh
Global Educational Evangelist, Jamf

Learning shouldn’t stop when students leave for summer vacation. Rather, this extended break from the classroom is the perfect time to introduce kids to a variety of mobile apps that can continuously promote creativity and critical thinking. From kindergarten to grade 12, the vast assortment of digital offerings can meet…

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