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6 best practices for launching or growing your online programs
Kevin Capitani

By Judy Frels and Kevin Capitani
Assistant Dean of Online Programs at University of Maryland School of Business; President of Pearson North America, Pearson

Online learning is entering its next phase of maturity and growth. And although we’re clearly not at the point where online learning can be considered a “mature” industry, enough edtech companies have entered the market and enough online programs are being offered that higher education leaders are looking for strategies to effectively launch or grow online programs for this new era.

7 must-knows from blended learning's early adopters

By Jenny White
Content Manager, Education, The Clayton Christensen Institute

Earlier this year, the Highlander Institute, The Learning Accelerator and The Christensen Institute teamed up to bring together a conference on blended and personalized learning in Providence, R.I. The goal of the event was to focus on the practical elements of blended learning and personalized learning by surfacing the tactics that teachers and leaders from around the country were deploying on the ground.

Curriculum trend: 4 ways to become more competency-based
Angela Di Michele Lalor

By Angela Di Michele Lalor
Senior Consultant, Learner-Centered Initiatives

Small groups of students are clustered at tables examining a set of artifacts. Each set contains images, maps, and primary source documents that illustrate how geography impacted the history of the United States. Students use the artifacts to examine the essential question, how do the Earth’s features impact people over time? As they examine each artifact, they annotate and record information identifying the source and its purpose...

OER can lower the cost of higher ed-but only if 4 steps are taken
Cheryl Costantini

By Cheryl Costantini
Vice President, Content Strategy, Cengage

Publishers and Open Educational Resources (OER) sound like strange bedfellows but, the fact is, all in education have a responsibility to make learning more affordable without sacrificing quality. And OER offers a way to do that. OER adds value to the learning experience.

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