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3 ways Fred Rogers (Mister Rogers) paved the way for edtech
Gonzalo Rodriguez

By Gonzalo Rodriguez
CEO and Co-Founder, Papumba

Regardless of whether Mister Rogers’ puppets, trains, and soothing voice touched your childhood personally, he was inarguably a very "good neighbor" to millions of preschool children during his nearly 40 years of public broadcasting from 1963 to 2001. A pioneer in the new educational medium ....

Courageous coaching: How one HBC turned around an enrollment shortfall
Cindy Hewitt

By Josh Lassiter and Cindy Hewitt
Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance; Associate VP of Program Development, Elizabeth State City University; InsideTrack

For those on the frontlines of college business and finance, enrollment math can be cruel.

Higher education institutions—of all types and sizes across the country—are struggling to attract and enroll new students. Nationally, only 34 percent...

Do you know about the 3 circles that can Change School?
Dr. Rod Berger

BY Dr. Rod Berger

Will Richardson is very well known in the education world, partly because he has been active for a very long time, partly because of his well-known Tedx Talks and presentations, and partly because he’s still knocking it out of the park with his Change School, a robust 8-week online experience for educational leaders who are serious about changing school.

Why students, faculty and alumni are loving this simple campus technology
Samantha Slater

By Samantha Slater
Marketing Manager, concept3D

As a provider of an interactive map and virtual tour platform for higher education, this is question we hear on a somewhat regular basis: “do people really use interactive campus maps?” Fortunately, our team at CampusBird can confidently answer: “absolutely!” Campus maps are used by roughly 65 percent of prospective students when selecting a school but when campus maps really do shine is when we...

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