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4 exciting trends that will define the 2018 education industry
Ricky Ye

By Ricky Ye, PhD
CEO, DFRobot

The education industry saw so many notable, significant changes this past year–from an increased focus on augmented reality and other visual technologies to make learning come alive, to the "Googlification" of the classroom with Chromebooks and Google education apps becoming staples–we've reached the point where education technology is now the norm, not a luxury.

This is how you measure the viability of academic programs
Karli Grant

By Karli Grant
Director of Product Marketing, Campus Management Corp.

One of the most frequent questions I hear when visiting colleges and universities is, “What about a tool for measuring the viability of our academic programs?” Institutions are seeking greater insight into the true value of programs beyond traditional metrics or accounting methods, especially as budgets continue to shrink and regulatory...


Incredible: Teachers are forming job-specific collaboration networks. Here's why and how
Jason Stricker

By Jason Stricker & Jason Culbertson
Co-Founder and CEO; President, Insight Education Group

A large percentage of public school districts across the U.S. are comprised of 15 or fewer schools; 46 percent of districts have fewer than 1,000 students and a third have fewer than two schools. While many of these smaller school districts face the same challenges as larger school systems, they often lack the infrastructure and supports of larger districts—especially in the form of peer collaboration.

Is this the field best suited for the flipped classroom model?
Dustyn Williams

By Dr. Dustyn Williams
Co-Founder and Lead Educator; Hospitalist, OnlineMedEd; Baton Rouge General Hospital

In a flipped classroom, course content is introduced outside the classroom then followed up with in-class activities that reinforce the material. Pre-work, such as viewing a video lecture explaining select concepts, is completed before a student walks through the classroom doors...

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