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eSchool Media has just launched our Industry News & Opinion platform, a free platform to discuss some of the most pressing and exciting topics in technology & innovation. Dozens of your edtech industry peers have already contributed their thoughts to our new platform—just take a look below! I encourage you to learn more by visiting our new platform here as well as our 'Contribute' page here.

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For PD, the days of one-and-done are dead and gone!
Carrie Drake

By Carrie Drake
Curriculum and Training Specialist , Reading Horizons

According to research from the Center for Public Education, "one-and-done" professional development sessions for teachers simply don’t work. With new standards rolling out every year, a one-class-covers-all approach just won’t cut it anymore. Educators aren’t that different from their students when it comes to their learning, so why should they be expected to learn everything at once instead of gradually, as they hope their students can?

2 reasons why blockchain tech has big, tangible implications for higher ed
Jami Morshed

By Jami Morshed
Vice President of Global Higher Education, Unit4

Sure, we've all heard of bitcoin and how cryptocurrencies could revolutionize the way we conduct business online. You’ve probably seen the topic buzzing around on LinkedIn feeds or in just about any recent article touting future technology predictions. While many of us may not be making important purchases in bitcoin in the near future, the tech behind bitcoin–called blockchain–has the potential to influence our daily lives in more ways than one might think, including in higher ed.

5 ways to use AV to prepare students for 21st-century jobs
Scott Evans

By Scott Evans
Marketing Manager, Califone

Critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity—these are the "Four Cs" that P21 has identified as critical skills for 21st century learning. As educators rethink their lesson plans to cater to these skills, one focus area that could help is AV and media skills.

University creates new leaders in IT thanks to innovative mentorship program
Kenneth Chapman

By Tom Borgula
Information Technology Director of Corporate Services, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Central Michigan University and ERPsim pair students with University professionals for an immersive IT career path preview.

Q&A w/ Tom Borgula, Information Technology Director, Corporate Services at BCBSM

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