Receive qualified sales leads for products and services using the editorial and marketing expertise of eSchool Media! There is no substitute for being front–and–center with the thought leaders who are moving education forward. Our networking event services ensure a captive audience for your message, and logistical efficiency for you and your team. By co-branding with eSchool Media and having our editors facilitate your program, you can be assured of content integrity and high attendee interest in every VIP event.


What you get:

  • An integrated marketing campaign to drive registrations for your event.
  • Registration set-up and management.
  • Editorial facilitation/moderation for your program.
  • Creation of event signage as needed.
  • Weekly lead reporting of registrations, including all relevant data.
  • A dedicated eSchool Media project manager.
  • Full support including launch meetings and follow-up.
  • Creation of badges and badge distribution as needed.
  • Event reminders to registered attendees.
  • Leads counts and prices vary by program and are guaranteed. Contact sales for more information.

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