Sponsored Podcasts

Boost your brand awareness with these podcast sponsorship options.


Sponsored Podcast
Add your company’s 30-second message to the open and close of our “Innovations in Education” podcasts for added branding and exposure. Each sponsored podcast is featured on our website and promoted as the “Top Story” through our daily newsletters
and across all social channels.

Custom Podcast
For extra brand exposure, our moderator will conduct a 15-minute podcast interview with your company’s thought leader – audio only.

Custom Video Podcast
For even greater visibility, we’ll conduct a 15-minute video interview with your company spokesperson.


  • A dedicated project manager to coordinate the event, speakers, and practice session.
  • An experienced editorial moderator.
  • Agenda creation and speaker recruitment.
  • An integrated marketing campaign to drive viewership.
  • Website posting within our podcast section.
  • Broadcast rights for the sponsor.
  • Full set up and logistical support.
  • Posted on iTunes, Google, Stitcher, Amazon and more.

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