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When a Good Strategy Meets Bad Data
Thursday, February 28, 2019 // 02:00 PM EST // 11:00 AM PST



Webinar: When a Good Strategy Meets Bad Data

February 28, 2019
2:00 PM EST // 11:00 AM PST

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Agile Education Marketing

Does fresh data seem out of reach?  It really isn’t – and it is well worth it to clean up your data.

Making strategic decisions based on bad data wastes time and money. From calling the wrong person, mailing to a closed school,  to missing a newly rolled out 1:1 tech solution. Streamlined data processes give you up-to-date, accurate, complete, reliable data for your sales and marketing teams, saving you time and money.

Join us for this one hour webinar presented by Agile Education Marketing data experts – Mike LeClere, TITLE and Katie Evans, TITLE.

Attend this webinar to discover how to:

  • Learn how to clean up your current data
  • Develop processes and quality checks to keep your data clean and how to enhance your data
  • Taking basic information and turning it into valuable meaning and insights

Join us for this one hour webinar presented by Agile Education Marketing data experts. 

Mike LeClare, Compilation and Data Quality Manager

Mike is responsible for maintaining Agile Education Marketing’s record of exceptional data quality. In his role as a Compilation and Data Quality Manager, he oversees all specialized data initiatives executed by Agile’s team.

Prior to joining Agile in 2012, Mike held a number of operationally focused and data-driven roles within the information technology and services industries. An experienced leader, Mike now manages Agile’s team of data experts whose focus is compiling complex educator information and conducting quality control processes to ensure high data accuracy and reliability. In addition, Mike leads special compilation efforts, often working closely with various state departments and districts to compile specialized information sets unique to Agile.  He also manages client data accessibility through Agile’s data lease and Data Explorer products.

Mike is a graduate of the Metropolitan State University of Denver and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems. In addition to being a sharp critical thinker and data analyst, he’s an avid traveler, passionate football fan, video game fanatic, husband, and father — though not necessarily in that order.

Katie Evans, Manager of Database Services

 Katie is responsible for getting databases clean then making meaning out of data. Cleaning up data includes record de-duplication, file cleansing, merge purge, data appends and data enhancements. Then she moves on to digging in to the data to really understand opportunities, gain insights and strategize developing creative solutions for our clients’ marketing needs, making sure that they receive the data that will help target and expand their customer base.

Katie excels with data during the day and in her off time stays connected to the community through a food rescue program – DIVE! – and working with area youth who are in need of an advocate.




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