Special Reports

Pair your marketing message with our original editorial
to create a report showcasing your mission to receptive ed-tech decision makers!


Our award-winning editorial staff prepares Special Reports to assist our readers in making better purchasing decisions throughout the year. We pair your organization’s important marketing message with original editorial, so your sponsored Special Report showcases your mission to a receptive audience of ed-tech decision makers. Once complete, your Special Report is posted online in its own Educator Resource Center (ERC) microsite.

What you get:

  • An editorial and online co-branding.
  • Your special report can be up to 2,500 words of professional editorial content.
  • A dedicated eSchool Media project manager.
  • Complete design and productions services (up to 2 rounds of editing).
  • Placement of your asset on our website(s) for instant download.
  • A final PDF of the Special Report for your use.
  • Creation of Educator Resource Center to showcase your Special Report along with additional related information from your company.
  • Full set up and logistical support including asset posting, links, and follow-up.
  • An integrated marketing campaign to drive decision makers to view your content.
  • Weekly lead reporting, including all relevant data.
  • Leads counts and prices vary by program and are guaranteed. Contact sales for more information.

Our 250+ Clients Include