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eSchool Media is the leader in education technology content performance.
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eSchool Media is the leader in education technology content performance.
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eSchool Media is the leader in education technology content performance.
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30 Percent
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Unique Monthly Visitors*

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IT/Technology Management
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Library/Media Director/Manager,
MIS &IT Director/Manager
21 Percent
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*Google Analytics May 2018

Industry News & Opinions...

  • eSchool Media
    September 21st, 2020
    Reimagining the campus experience in the age of COVID-19
    By Cooper Jones
    How higher ed supports the 2020/21 campus experience will dictate future success While higher-ed institutions have proven success with online learning, the big question on the minds of students, parents, faculty, and staff is: “What is the campus experience going to look like this...

  • eSchool Media
    September 14th, 2020
    How universities are innovating to tackle higher education’s affordability crisis
    By Nicole Engelbert and Steve Hahn
    Universities are experimenting with innovative alternative pricing models to address questions of affordability Higher education is facing an affordability crisis. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the majority of Americans believe that college is not affordable. The global pandemic has caused financial...

  • eSchool Media
    September 7th, 2020
    6 ways to prep kids for whatever the fall may hold
    By Trenton Goble
    There are still many unanswered questions about the fall, as school leaders rush to decide how best to navigate the still-ongoing COVID-19 pandemic With only a few weeks before schools are scheduled to reopen, there is still uncertainty about what this school year will...

  • eSchool Media
    August 31st, 2020
    5 cybersecurity life skills to teach year-round
    As the digital world evolves, cybersecurity life skills are more essential than ever—here are some major lessons to impart upon students If a student from your school had someone knock on their front door, ask for personal information and offer to give them a...

  • eSchool Media
    May 25th, 2020
    3 reasons to embrace the shift to virtual learning
    By Renato Profico
    CEO, Doodle
    The coronavirus pandemic has forever changed educational systems worldwide, impacting 91 percent of the world’s student population. In the United States alone, at least 1,100 colleges and universities have closed their campuses and moved all classes online. This sudden change has left students feeling...

  • eSchool Media
    May 18th, 2020
    Student assessment trends: A brief history and a bright future
    By James McBride, Ph.D.
    vice president and chief psychometrician, Renaissance
    Assessment is a valuable complement to instruction. It tells us who has learned and who hasn’t so educators can determine what’s most likely to help a student grow and succeed in the future. With nearly half a century invested in psychometric research—the study of...

  • eSchool Media
    May 11th, 2020
    Leading eLearning: A Future Ready Library opportunity
    By Britten Follett
    Executive Vice President, Follett School Solutions
    One of my colleagues is known for regularly reminding us that a crisis is a terrible opportunity to waste. The COVID-19 crisis has forced districts to redefine the manner in which they are delivering education. In the best-case scenario, district leaders had a week...

  • eSchool Media
    May 4th, 2020
    How to thoughtfully implement panic buttons into your school safety plan
    By Amy Jeffs
    Vice President, Status Solutions
    During an emergency situation, there is nothing more important than response time. A single minute can be the difference between help arriving on time versus too late. In fact, the average school shooting lasts 12.5 minutes, while the average police response time is 18...

  • eSchool Media
    April 27th, 2020
    4 ways schools can futureproof networks for an esports takeover
    By Brandon Shopp
    Vice President of Product, SolarWinds
    Esports is soaring in popularity in K–12 schools and in higher education as student gamers find a competitive and team-based outlet for their video gaming habits—playing not in isolation but among a community of fellow students. Esports students aren’t traditional athletes, but they still...

  • eSchool Media
    April 20th, 2020
    3 considerations for remote learning
    By Josh Nichols
    Founder, CrossBraining
    Learning is more than the exposure to facts and the acquisition of knowledge. Schools provide a host of academic opportunities that are built into the DNA of their existence. Switching to remote teaching and learning is a dramatic change from ‘business as usual’ for...

  • eSchool Media
    April 15th, 2020
    COVID-19 and cyberattacks: What you need to know
    By Roy Zur
    Founder and CEO, Cybint
    COVID-19, or the coronavirus, is causing a global crisis of historic proportions—it’s not only changing the way we work, learn, travel, and interact with each other, but also increasing online security risks for both individuals and organizations. With the coronavirus forcing millions to work...

  • eSchool Media
    April 13th, 2020
    7 keys to effective online learning
    By Carol Ribeiro
    President and CEO, VHS Learning
    Online learning’s reputation has taken a hit in recent years amid reports of poor academic performance and concerns over lax regulation. While there is certainly some cause for concern, many of the problems center on for-profit providers who manage full-time virtual schools. The truth...

  • eSchool Media
    April 8th, 2020
    Coronavirus on campus: Strategic and financial considerations for the short and long term
    By Larenda Mielke, David Woodward, and Julia Wysocki
    Vice Presidents, Higher Education Division, Kaufman Hall
    As the coronavirus outbreak intensifies, higher education institutions are making difficult decisions about closing campuses and moving courses online. Institutions need to think not only about the current term, but also about potential impacts on strategy and finances into the summer and fall terms....

  • eSchool Media
    April 7th, 2020
    Adapting to online learning in a pinch
    By Jared Stein
    VP of Higher Education Strategy, Canvas by Instructure
    Whenever a situation occurs that keeps students from their physical classrooms, online learning gets more attention. In this case, the emergency is COVID-19, and it’s motivating some to examine their online learning strategy, but it may as easily be a natural disaster or even...

  • eSchool Media
    February 3rd, 2020
    4 ways object storage powers higher-ed initiatives
    By Jon Toor
    CMO, Cloudian
    In higher education today, technology and learning go hand-in-hand. From online coursework, instructional videos, digital versions of textbooks and advanced research and analytics, technology has become a critical component in facilitating student success and driving higher education operations. This increasing use of technology has...

  • eSchool Media
    January 16th, 2020
    Texarkana College saves $1 million with ERP upgrade
    By Jeff Elliott
    Director of Product Management , Jenzabar
    As a two-year community college with an annual enrollment of nearly 10,000 students, Texarkana College strives to keep tuition costs low in order to keep students happy. The school does this by taking a more granular look at IT spending across the board. When...

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