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eSchool News Audience Profile

29% Senior/Executive Management

Titles Include: Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent, Associate Superintendent, Regional Superintendent, Education Service Agency Director, Education Department Official, Principal, Assistant Principal, Federal/State Program Director, State School Officer, Federal Official, District Administrator, Safety/Security Director, School Board Member, Governor’s Office Staff, Legislative Staff Member, School Business Official/Purchasing, Facilities Management, College/University Official and More.

28% IT/Technology Management & Library Media

Titles Include: CIO/CTO, IT Director, Instructional Technology Director, MIS Director, Network Administrator, Library Services Director, Librarian/Media Specialist, Technology Coordinator, Technology Director and More.

35% Curriculum & Academic Management

Titles Include: Curriculum Director, Subject Area Supervisors & Instructors for Mathematics, Reading, Science, English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Languages, Trades, Business, Special Education Director, Directors/Coordinators of Gifted, Special Education, Vocational Education, Professional Development, Director of Guidance and More.

15% Consultants, Vendors & Others Allied to the Edtech Industry
eSchool News
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eCampus News Audience Profile

30% Policy/Top Level Executive/ Manager

Titles Include: Academic Officer, Chancellor/President/CEO/Provost, Chief Development & Planning, Director Branch Campus, Vice President, Policy/Top Level Executives & Mgr, Federal & State Official, State School Official

28% IT Director / Manager

Titles Include: CIO, CTO, Library/Media Director/Mgr, MIS & IT Director/Mgr

20% Administration/Administrative Management

Titles Include:Administration & Operations, Admissions & Registrar, Business Administrator, Financial & Funding Director/Mgr, Safety & Security Director

21% Dean/Instructional/Faculty

Titles Include: Dean, Administrative Dean, Faculty Department Chair, Instructional & Curriculum Direct

1% Other Job Titles not listed above

Titles Include: Non-Educator, Parent, Vendor, College/University Student, Other

eCampus News
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Industry News & Opinions...

  • eSchool Media
    September 21st, 2020
    Reimagining the campus experience in the age of COVID-19
    By Cooper Jones
    How higher ed supports the 2020/21 campus experience will dictate future success While higher-ed institutions have proven success with online learning, the big question on the minds of students, parents, faculty, and staff is: “What is the campus experience going to look like this...

  • eSchool Media
    September 14th, 2020
    How universities are innovating to tackle higher education’s affordability crisis
    By Nicole Engelbert and Steve Hahn
    Universities are experimenting with innovative alternative pricing models to address questions of affordability Higher education is facing an affordability crisis. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the majority of Americans believe that college is not affordable. The global pandemic has caused financial...

  • As seen on eSchool News
    October 22nd, 2020
    How school librarians are getting creative in a pandemic
    By Britten Follett
    New questions from school librarians… Will ultra violet disinfectant devices damage books? How long should I quarantine a book before circulating it again? How can I use technology to coordinate curbside pick-up for students who want to check out print books? Meet the same...

  • As seen on eSchool News
    October 19th, 2020
    How RFID can help in a school reopening
    By Bree Bergman
    As schools prepared to reopen this past August and September, administrators had to consider more than usual. In order to ensure the safety of students returning to school, administrators had to evaluate school reopening strategies, social distancing efforts, cleaning policies, and how to quickly...

  • As seen on eSchool News
    October 19th, 2020
    Moving remote learning from reactive to proactive
    By Adrienne Ware
    The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed a stark digital divide within education, with many schools woefully underprepared for the shift to remote learning. When schools initially closed and transitioned to remote learning plans in the spring, many students lacked access to a device, the internet,...

  • As seen on eCampus News
    October 15th, 2020
    Best practices for protecting data and keeping online learning secure
    By Dean Coclin
    As the global pandemic extends into the fall, it’s clear that most schools and universities will continue to rely on online instruction in the near term. However, although online instruction can help minimize health risks, it also introduces heightened security risks and highlights the...

  • As seen on eCampus News
    October 5th, 2020
    Future-proof learning for the unknown
    By Joe Way
    In 2019 I was hired by my alma mater, the University of Southern California (USC), to rethink how learning spaces look and operate on campus. The goal for more than a year now has been to dovetail the concepts of design and technology in...

  • eSchool Media
    September 28th, 2020
    College and career advising in a virtual world
    By Rick Dalton
    In the new world of COVID-19, the ability to adapt to virtual learning environments has gone from being a “plus” to a “must” for moving young people to college and career readiness. In fact, the education landscape has seen more changes in the last...

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