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eSchool News Audience Profile

29% Senior/Executive Management

Titles Include: Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent, Associate Superintendent, Regional Superintendent, Education Service Agency Director, Education Department Official, Principal, Assistant Principal, Federal/State Program Director, State School Officer, Federal Official, District Administrator, Safety/Security Director, School Board Member, Governor’s Office Staff, Legislative Staff Member, School Business Official/Purchasing, Facilities Management, College/University Official and More.

28% IT/Technology Management & Library Media

Titles Include: CIO/CTO, IT Director, Instructional Technology Director, MIS Director, Network Administrator, Library Services Director, Librarian/Media Specialist, Technology Coordinator, Technology Director and More.

35% Curriculum & Academic Management

Titles Include: Curriculum Director, Subject Area Supervisors & Instructors for Mathematics, Reading, Science, English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Languages, Trades, Business, Special Education Director, Directors/Coordinators of Gifted, Special Education, Vocational Education, Professional Development, Director of Guidance and More.

15% Consultants, Vendors & Others Allied to the Edtech Industry
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eCampus News Audience Profile

30% Policy/Top Level Executive/ Manager

Titles Include: Academic Officer, Chancellor/President/CEO/Provost, Chief Development & Planning, Director Branch Campus, Vice President, Policy/Top Level Executives & Mgr, Federal & State Official, State School Official

28% IT Director / Manager

Titles Include: CIO, CTO, Library/Media Director/Mgr, MIS & IT Director/Mgr

20% Administration/Administrative Management

Titles Include:Administration & Operations, Admissions & Registrar, Business Administrator, Financial & Funding Director/Mgr, Safety & Security Director

21% Dean/Instructional/Faculty

Titles Include: Dean, Administrative Dean, Faculty Department Chair, Instructional & Curriculum Direct

1% Other Job Titles not listed above

Titles Include: Non-Educator, Parent, Vendor, College/University Student, Other

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Industry News & Opinions...

  • As seen on eCampus News
    November 30th, 2020
    How universities are using technology in their COVID precautions
    By Laura Ascione
    Across the nation, higher-ed leaders are grappling with the question of how they will ensure a continued safe on-campus environment for students, faculty, and staff in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Contact tracing and location technologies play a large part in universities' ability...

  • As seen on eSchool News
    November 30th, 2020
    6 ways to create a culturally responsive classroom
    By José A. Viana, Senior Advisor, Education Partnerships, Lexia Learning
    The U.S. reached an important milestone several years ago—minority students now comprise the largest demographic group in our nation’s public schools. While there is great diversity within our student population, the majority of educators still do not share the same cultural experiences with the...

  • As seen on eSchool News
    November 26th, 2020
    Helping teens open up about their mental health
    By Robin Glenn, MA, LPC, CSC, CAC, CEO/Founder, Base Education
    Despite what kids believe, their main support system is not within their friendships. As a parent or counselor, you can allow them to believe their friends are their support providers. However, their fellow 14-year-old friends are not equipped with the maturity and understanding to...

  • As seen on eSchool News
    November 25th, 2020
    Wearable devices are increasingly central to a safe return to the classroom
    By Robert Costantini, CEO, Triax Technologies, Inc.
    Technology has played a central role during COVID-19, enabling educators to continue teaching remotely, with both students and staff ensconced in the safety of their kitchens or living rooms. Remote learning technology has become mission-critical for education. But as the pandemic stretches out far...

  • eSchool Media
    November 19th, 2020
    Supporting students’ college journey in the age of COVID-19
    By eSchool Media
    eSchool Media: With the restrictions imposed by COVID-19, what are you seeing as the biggest challenges students and families are facing in applying to and preparing for college? Myles Hunter: Parents are desperately trying to figure out ways to keep their children from being...

  • eSchool Media
    November 19th, 2020
    Turn screen time into reading time to improve literacy
    By Leib Lurie
    Reading scores are plummeting while screen time is escalating exponentially. An edtech leader and lifelong literacy champion shares his crusade to give screen time educational value by simply clicking captions on. In 1992 when my family visited the King Tut exhibit in Denver, I...

  • As seen on eCampus News
    November 18th, 2020
    How wearable trackers help with contact tracing
    By Bill Steinike, VP of Strategic Business Development, Laird Connectivity
    As schools, colleges and universities navigate the new school year, teachers and administrators will be serving on the front lines of public health efforts to keep kids and communities safe from COVID-19 outbreaks. To do that, educators will need to do two things that...

  • As seen on eCampus News
    November 16th, 2020
    How COVID has altered the future of work and e-learning
    By Richard Wang, CEO, Coding Dojo
    COVID-19 has been a catalyst in an office culture shift that’s been gaining steam since the onset of the cloud. Since the coronavirus hit full force in the early months of 2020, remote-work models are fully in place for the foreseeable future. To remain...

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