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eSchool News Audience Profile

29% Senior/Executive Management

Titles Include: Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent, Associate Superintendent, Regional Superintendent, Education Service Agency Director, Education Department Official, Principal, Assistant Principal, Federal/State Program Director, State School Officer, Federal Official, District Administrator, Safety/Security Director, School Board Member, Governor’s Office Staff, Legislative Staff Member, School Business Official/Purchasing, Facilities Management, College/University Official and More.

28% IT/Technology Management & Library Media

Titles Include: CIO/CTO, IT Director, Instructional Technology Director, MIS Director, Network Administrator, Library Services Director, Librarian/Media Specialist, Technology Coordinator, Technology Director and More.

35% Curriculum & Academic Management

Titles Include: Curriculum Director, Subject Area Supervisors & Instructors for Mathematics, Reading, Science, English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Languages, Trades, Business, Special Education Director, Directors/Coordinators of Gifted, Special Education, Vocational Education, Professional Development, Director of Guidance and More.

15% Consultants, Vendors & Others Allied to the Edtech Industry
eSchool News
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eCampus News Audience Profile

30% Policy/Top Level Executive/ Manager

Titles Include: Academic Officer, Chancellor/President/CEO/Provost, Chief Development & Planning, Director Branch Campus, Vice President, Policy/Top Level Executives & Mgr, Federal & State Official, State School Official

28% IT Director / Manager

Titles Include: CIO, CTO, Library/Media Director/Mgr, MIS & IT Director/Mgr

20% Administration/Administrative Management

Titles Include:Administration & Operations, Admissions & Registrar, Business Administrator, Financial & Funding Director/Mgr, Safety & Security Director

21% Dean/Instructional/Faculty

Titles Include: Dean, Administrative Dean, Faculty Department Chair, Instructional & Curriculum Direct

1% Other Job Titles not listed above

Titles Include: Non-Educator, Parent, Vendor, College/University Student, Other

eCampus News
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Industry News & Opinions...

  • As seen on eSchool News
    April 12th, 2021
    K-12 education needs a cybersecurity overhaul
    By Josh Horwitz, COO, Enzoic
    The 2019-2020 school year faced unprecedented challenges with the abrupt shift to remote learning brought about by the pandemic. But while schools struggled to adapt to these changes, there was another troubling trend on the rise: a surge in cybersecurity attacks....

  • As seen on eSchool News
    April 9th, 2021
    The education system failed lower-income students–edtech can fix it
    By Nhon Ma, CEO & Co-Founder, Numerade
    Today’s challenges can be solved by democratizing access to learning resources to help all students improve their performance and drive interest even in remote education. Here’s how....

  • As seen on eCampus News
    April 8th, 2021
    AI is revolutionizing education
    By Hosni Zaouali, CEO & Chief Innovation Designer, Tech-AdaptiKa
    AI will be to education in the 21st century what steam power was to international trade and the projection of sovereign power in the 19th century....

  • As seen on eSchool News
    April 8th, 2021
    6 strategies for better K-12 cybersecurity
    By Renee Tarun, deputy CISO, Fortinet
    The education sector has had to rapidly adopt and scale new technologies to enable remote and hybrid learning as a result of the pandemic. This has created an expanded threat landscape, and malicious actors have taken this opportunity to target academic institutions to an...

  • As seen on eCampus News
    March 23rd, 2021
    How to develop your leadership identity
    By Marylouise Fennell & Cheryl Hyatt, Founding Partners, Hyatt-Fennell Executive Search
    Effective leaders are aware of their leadership style and constantly growing in their leadership abilities and execution. How you communicate, the manner with which you deal with conflict, and the way you cast vision all reflect your leadership style...

  • As seen on eCampus News
    March 23rd, 2021
    The fate of the on-campus bookstore
    By Kristen White, Vice President of Business Development, Ambassador Education Solutions
    While it’s extremely challenging for on-campus bookstores to compete with online pricing given the store's operational costs, schools are questioning if, in fact, course materials need to be part of their on-campus inventory. Many schools are reimagining what the bookstore can be and finding...

  • eSchool Media
    December 8th, 2020
    Keeping college students’ grad school dreams alive during the pandemic
    By eCampus News Staff
    Higher education looks a lot different than it did this time last year. Universities are seeing a serious drop in virtual classroom attendance since the academic year began this fall. According to Dr. Chandra Pemmasani, students may also be wary of applying to grad...

  • eSchool Media
    November 19th, 2020
    Supporting students’ college journey in the age of COVID-19
    By eSchool Media
    eSchool Media: With the restrictions imposed by COVID-19, what are you seeing as the biggest challenges students and families are facing in applying to and preparing for college? Myles Hunter: Parents are desperately trying to figure out ways to keep their children from being...

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