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We put your brand in front of education decision-makers.


Engage and connect with our education audience through high-impact banner ads, newsletter sponsorships, chaperoned emails and more. We’ll help deliver your marketing message to K-12 and Higher Ed technology decision-makers, drive traffic to your website, and help you grow your brand.

Interstitial, Billboard, and more.
Engage and connect with your audience by running a high-impact banner ad on eSchool or We’ll help deliver your marketing message to K-12 and Higher Ed technology decision-makers; drive traffic to your website through expanded real estate opportunities, and assist you in elevating your message.
Banner Sizes
  • Interstitial 640 x 480
  • Billboard 970 x 250
  • Half Page 300 x 600
  • Medium Rectangle 300 x 250
  • Leaderboard 728 x 90
  • Large Leaderboard 970 x 90
  • Scrolling Marque 320 x 50
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Write your own message and we will deploy your HTML eMail to our exclusive eMail list.

A content-rich piece syndicated to the eSchool News or eCampus News audience. This targeted piece is a great way to get your message in front of K-12 or Higher Ed decision-makers and significantly increase traffic to your product or services.

What You Get:
  • Your content-rich HTML eMail deployed to our responsive audience.
  • Full campaign reporting to detail ROI based on opens, clicks and click-through rates.
  • Quantities vary based on titles selected.
Reach and engage decision-makers by sponsoring daily and weekly eMail newsletters.

Deliver your message directly to the inboxes of education administrators and decision-makers that have requested to receive daily and weekly news updates. As a sponsor, your marketing message will gain even more impact and authority by appearing alongside the high-value editorial content produced by our award-winning editorial team.

What You Get:
  • Reserved banner placement based on positioning and chosen dates adjacent to our valuable editorial content.
  • Full campaign reporting to detail ROI based on opens, clicks and click-throughs.
eSchool News  Newsletters

Innovations in K-12 Education — 5x (Mon-Fri)

IT School Leadership— 1x / Week


eCampus News  Newsletters

Innovations in Higher Education — 5x (Mon-Fri)

IT Campus Leadership— 1x / Week

eSchool News or eCampus will create a custom newsletter on a topic associated with your mission.

This client-centered newsletter will contain articles selected by our editors based on the topic selected by your company. In addition to topic-focused content, exclusive banners ads, provided by you, will be featured. The newsletter will be sent to at least 50,000 readers with selected relevant titles.

What You Get:
  • Co-branded newsletter focusing on the topic of your choice
  • Exclusive banner placement Distribution to 50,000 readers with relevant titles
  • Full campaign reporting to detail ROI based on opens, clicks and click-throughs.
Amplify your brand and showcase your innovations.

Your Sponsorship the new AI in K-12 Education or AI in Higher Education weekly eNewsletters will put your brand front and center with 30,000 edtech decision-makers – making it an ideal opportunity to boost your brand visibility, expand your audience, and promote your company’s innovations.

What You Get:
  • Exclusive ad placement based on chosen date(s)* adjacent to our valuable editorial content.
  • Full campaign reporting to detail ROI based on opens, clicks and click-throughs.
AI in Education eNewsletters

AI in K-12 Education — 1x / Week*

AI in Higher Education — 1x / Week*

* Frequency discounts available

Get Leadership Branding for One Full Year.

In the competitive education technology market, effective marketing means taking a leadership position in your core service and product categories. Now eSchool News combines our quality news and content with leading industry luminaries to produce 12 monthly digital guides giving you the opportunity to showcase your leadership position. Each guide includes great news and resources plus company profiles that serve that specific guide topic.

Guide Sponsorship includes:
  • Placement of your supplied editorial piece within the digital guide
  • One 300 x250 banner on every page of the digital guide
  • One Enhanced Listing Profile
Enhanced Listing Profile includes:
  • Company Name and Logo on the Front Page
  • Company Description – up to 50 words to showcase your services Company
  • Contacts, up to 3, with Name, eMail, and Phone Company Website – “clickable”’
Digital Guide Monthly Topics

JANUARY 2024 – Digital Learning Tools & Resources
FEBRUARY 2024 – SEL & Student Well-Being
MARCH 2024 – Digital Equity
APRIL 2024 – Cybersecurity
MAY 2024Personalized & Differentiated Learning
JUNE 2024 – Game-Based Learning
JULY 2024 – Online & Hybrid Learning Strategies
AUGUST 2024 – Esports
OCTOBER 2024 – Coding, Robotics & Engineering
NOVEMBER 2024 – School Libraries & Librarians
DECEMBER 2024 – Literacy

Engage education decision-makers by sponsoring an entire issue of eSchool News or eCampus News.

eSchool News and eCampus News now offer sponsorship opportunities in our digital  publications for 2024. If you need a brand awareness program that gives you fantastic branding within an entire issue for impact and credibility, this is the best opportunity for your company.

What You Get:
  • Sponsorship logo representation on every page of the digital issue
  • Front cover logo stating that this publication is sponsored by your company
  • Two inside full page ads.
  • Each issue is emailed to 25,000 education decision-makers
  • Digital distribution and placement on our website(s) for an entire year

30 Days prior to digital publication date (Jan, April, July, and October)



We’ll showcase your innovations and expertise before, during and after leading edtech events.

Get LIVE editorial coverage at your next edtech event as an eSchool LIVE@ Sponsor. We’ll produce, post, and promote a custom video interview for your company that includes brand visibility, booth location, and a link to your company website to ensure your event marketing efforts reach their full potential.

Your video segment will feature company-driven messaging and receive preferred placement as native advertising on the LIVE@ event page.

What You Get:
  • Video interview featuring company-driven messaging is conducted by our editorial team before, during or after the event – up to 5 minutes.
  • Video segment receives preferred placement as native advertising on the LIVE@ event page, including sponsor’s name, brand visibility, and (1) embedded link to the company website.
  • Video post promoted across all eSchool Media social platforms, including company-provided handles and tags.
  • Choice of: Onsite booth tour, exclusive announcement, or thought leadership interviews

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