Dear Marketing Executive;

When we started eSchool Media in 1997, I knew we had to be different in order to compete and thrive.

Although there were a number of traditional publishers in the market, no one saw the changes that were about to happen and that’s why from the very beginning we were 100% committed to providing all our news and resources through our online websites eSchool News and eCampus News.

And that’s exactly why we have the dedicated and loyal online readership that can help you with lead generation, custom content services, and branding and awareness!

We knew If we provided the best news and resources on how schools and universities integrate technology to improve learning, we could develop a core and loyal readership for our online websites.

That competitive advantage drives our mission at eSchool Media every day.

For 20 years we have been committed to providing educators the news and resources to help them integrate technology into the learning process through our websites, our email newsletters, and our original custom content.

As a result, our portfolio of targeted marketing digital products and services can provide you the exposure your products deserve—everyday.

I hope this website answers many of your questions about our services and products. I also hope the contributed news and resources help you understand today’s education market.

Look the site over and see how we can help you develop a targeted marketing program that provides custom qualified leads. Our staff of top notch editors, marketing support personnel, and service representatives are here to help you design and execute targeted sales lead programs that improve your bottom line.


Robert Morrow
301-013-0115 ext 105

P.S. Education today has the strongest potential for real, impactful change to inspire the minds of future generations; but it’s also one of the sectors with the most disconnected voices, lacking a unifying platform that can effectively connect today’s visionary technology leaders in industry to on-the-ground educators that are looking for wisdom and guidance in education’s reinvention storm.

eSchool Media now offers industry leaders a unifying platform to discuss some of the most pressing and exciting topics in technology & innovation, helping not only to establish the author and their company/organization as thought leaders in the education arena but to improve education’s outcomes overall by providing a direct connection between visionaries and those in-practice in school and districts today.  Visit ( ) to find out how you can become involved!

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