As seen on eSchool Media February 18th, 2019

    The importance of having a campus-wide cloud strategy

    By Gus Ortiz
    program manager, managed services, Jenzabar
    With the changing demographics of the new student, cuts in funding models, and declining completion rates colleges and universities are facing unprecedented challenges. To continue thriving, institutions must adapt to support new learning models and meet service expectations of students who expect the same...

    As seen on eSchool Media February 18th, 2019

    How mobile apps impact student success

    By Dr. Bob Banerjee
    director of marketing, Ex Libris
    By now it’s no secret that apps and mobile devices are the perfect tools for communication. Institutions in nearly every industry have jumped in head first to the mobile app craze. From grocery stores and boutiques to your local dentist, native apps are everywhere...

    As seen on eSchool Media February 11th, 2019

    Why employability and adaptability are critical to college education

    By Karen Hebert-Maccaro
    chief learning experience officer, O’Reilly
    Rising tuition costs and a perceived lackluster return on investment have called into question the value of a college degree. In fact, almost half of the knowledge gained in the first year of a four-year technical degree is outdated by the time a student...

    As seen on eSchool Media February 11th, 2019

    Sizing up non-traditional forms of cybersecurity education

    By Ken Underhill
    master instructor, Cybrary
    It’s a given that your higher education program should help shape you for your chosen career. But what if that career is cybersecurity, where best practices and threat landscapes aren’t evolving by the semester, but by the hour or day? Indeed, it can be...

    As seen on eSchool Media February 5th, 2019

    Why universities advance diversity & inclusion on campus

    By John Lenckos
    senior vice president, global commercial banking, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
    Diversity and inclusion (D&I) isn’t just a buzzword used in university marketing materials to attract top performing students and faculty to college campuses. It has evolved from “the right thing to do” into a pillar of university culture that has demonstrated return on investment...

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