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Celebrating 25+ years of excellence as the leading education technology media company, eSchool Media has been at the forefront of transforming education through technology and innovation. Through our highly trusted platforms, eSchoolNews and eCampusNews, we deliver original edtech news, objective analysis, and a wealth of resources to decision-making education professionals in K-12 and higher education. 

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Our expertise in identifying and engaging with the education buyers seeking solutions like yours ensures that you have an unmatched opportunity with eSchool Media to amplify your brand and expand your audience of key education decision-makers. Our loyal and influential readers eagerly await opportunities to connect with innovative companies like yours!

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We reach over 900,000 K-12 and Higher Ed educators monthly, including IT decision-makers, district and school leaders and more.


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We deliver integrated and targeted marketing programs that deliver measurable ROI to fuel your education sales pipeline.


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From the program launch, though content marketing and weekly lead delivery, our dedicated team goes above and beyond to ensure the success of your programs.

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Director of Sales and Business Development

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President & CEO

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Executive Vice President – Online, Data & Analytics

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Editorial Director

Kevin Hogan 📧

Content Director

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Director, Client Services

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Client Services Assistant

Janice Budai 📧

Marketing Director

Kristin Carroll 📧

Digital Marketing Assistant

Chris Hopson 📧

Custom Content Manager

Vince Carlson 📧

Director of Information Systems​

Jeff Festa 📧

Director of Information Systems​

K-12 Data Partner: MCH Strategic Data

MCH Strategic Data is a pioneer and innovator in educational marketing data. For nearly a century MCH has helped businesses reach administrators and educators within school districts nationwide and of all sizes. Trusted by the CDC, National Institutes of Health and Harvard to provide the most up-to-date school district data during the pandemic, they offer national K-12 data coverage, invaluable expert insights and top-tier personal service to help clients reach their customers with pinpoint accuracy.

Learn more: www.mchdata.com

Higher Education Data Partner: Agile Education Marketing

Agile Education Marketing is a data and market insights provider that focuses exclusively on education. Agile helps companies connect with educators and grow their business with in-depth data insights and optimized channel mix to open doors for more traffic, better lead quality, greater brand awareness, and revenue growth.

Learn more: www.Agile-Ed.com

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