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eSchool Media offers industry leaders a unifying platform to discuss some of the most pressing and exciting topics in technology and innovation. These thought-provoking pieces establish the author and their company/organization as thought leaders, and they also serve to improve educational outcomes by directly connecting visionaries with those in practice in schools and districts today.

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Establish a leadership role in the education industry: Convey your position on important education trends and challenges and discover what your peers are currently communicating to the market. Our platform helps you inspire and hone your organization’s mission and message. See our eSchool Media Thought Leadership Platform here.

How to contribute

eSchool Media accepts articles on a range of topics pertinent to K-12 and higher education technology and innovation. You can find examples of articles here.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Submitted stories are 600-1,000 words in length.
  2. Please include a brief 1- or 2-sentence author bio.
  3. Please include relevant links within the piece.
  4. We accept submissions on a rolling basis, with no strict deadlines unless specified in your communications with an editor. We will not schedule a piece for publication until our editorial team has received the piece.
  5. Stories must be neutral in nature and should avoid mentioning or promoting the author’s company, products, or services in the body of the story. Instead, these pieces address larger trends or challenges in education, and they discuss potential solutions or next steps.


To submit a thought leadership piece, please email Editorial Director Laura Ascione at

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