eSchool Media now offers industry leaders a unifying platform to discuss some of the most pressing and exciting topics in technology & innovation



Contribute to eSchool Media and become a visionary leader

eSchool Media now offers industry leaders a unifying platform to discuss some of the most pressing and exciting topics in technology & innovation, helping not only to establish the author and their company/organization as thought leaders in the education arena, but to improve education’s outcomes overall by providing a direct connection between visionaries and those in-practice in school and districts today.

We’re looking for great thought leadership articles

Education today has the strongest potential for real, impactful change to inspire the minds of future generations; but it’s also one of the sectors with the most disconnected voices, lacking a unifying platform that can effectively connect today’s visionary technology leaders in industry to on-the-ground educators that are looking for wisdom and guidance in education’s reinvention storm.

Share your visionary leadership and gain invaluable exposure

The eSchool Media platform has begun offering company and organization leadership the opportunity to both:

  • Gain invaluable exposure to the educators that can elevate you as one of education’s visionaries: Communicate your or your company’s position on important education topics directly to our loyal and growing readership consisting of on-the-ground educators and administrators in both K-12 (eSchool News) and/or higher education (eCampus News).
  • Establish a leadership role in the education industry: Convey you or your company’s position on important education topics to your peers in the education tech and innovation market; as well as discover what your peers are currently communicating to the market—helping to both inspire and hone your own company or organization’s mission and message. See our eSchool Media Thought Leadership Platform here.
How to contribute

The submissions eSchool Media accepts can cover a range of topics pertinent to today’s K-12 and higher education technology and innovation arena. For examples of popular topics already published by industry thought leaders, check out the eSchool Media Platform here.

Submission Guidelines:

  • That the piece be 700-1,200 words (roughly).
  • That the author(s) include a title and short, 1-2 sentence bio. and photograph(s)
  • That the piece be as product-neutral as possible.
  • That editorial has final say over publication. If any extensive edits are needed, it will be sent back for approval prior to publication.
  • That the author has full rights over the content, and that eSchool Media has full rights to publish. eSchool Media also reserves the exclusive right to publish for 30 days after initial publication.

To submit a thought leadership piece, please email Meris at

Don’t have an idea in mind yet?

Many times, the editors of eSchool Media can help flush out a topic you may have in mind but don’t know how to position for our readership. Once a topic is pitched to the editors, there is no hard deadline for submission, but within a month is optimal, just so it stays on our radar.

Contact Meris Stansbury, Executive Editor at 301-913-0115 ext 109 or email Meris at

For guidance in submissions, please email Meris at


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