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May 26th, 2022

Higher ed’s crystal ball: What will students want?

By Omer Riaz, Vice President of Strategy & Innovation, Jenzabar
To best serve students in the future of higher ed, institutions will need to offer education that is hybrid, bite-sized, and personalized. Today’s declining enrollments suggest that, more and more, students are questioning the value of a four-year education. Even businesses are beginning to discount the value of a traditional degree—an education seems to matter most when it’s combined with marketable skills....

May 23rd, 2022

3 steps to help institutions offer microcredentials

By Yvonne Bell, SVP People and Culture, D2L
Lifelong learning can help solve the skills gap--here's where microcredentials fit in and how institutions can leverage programs. A “one-and-done” degree is no longer enough for many employees and job seekers because, in today’s workplace, in-demand skills are constantly evolving. In fact, current research estimates the half-life of a learned skill at five years, and it’s even shorter for technical skills....

May 17th, 2022

Modern lab equipment is key to revolutionizing STEM learning

By Daniel Shaddock, CEO, Liquid Instruments & Professor of Physics ,The Australian National University
A vast gap in students who pursue STEM learning and STEM degrees may cause as many as 2 million STEM jobs to go unfilled. STEM jobs are continuing to grow faster than ever. In the U.S. alone, employment in STEM occupations has grown 79 percent since 1990, and the total number of STEM jobs is expected to grow by almost 11 percent by 2030 — increasing about 30...

May 6th, 2022

3 cloud focus areas for higher ed

By Randy Shore, VP Delivery and Support, Kion
Adopting the cloud will enable higher ed to ensure availability of services while handling students' increased demand for access Ensuring the availability of services anytime, anywhere, is critical in today’s education environment, especially as larger student populations will generate more data and greater reliance on digital services....

May 4th, 2022

3 ways to build effective data backup strategies

By David Friend, Co-Founder & CEO, Wasabi Technologies
Universities must turn to the cloud to modernize their IT infrastructures and create effective data backup strategies. Kyoto University recently reported that as a result of a defective software update, 77 TBs of research data was wiped from its supercomputer. According to the university, 34 million files from 14 research groups were deleted and a third of the lost data will...

April 27th, 2022

3 best practices to manage cyber insurance

By Josh McDonough, Lead Solutions Engineer, BeyondTrust
cyber insurance can help networks remain safe For a service designed to give consumers peace of mind, cyber insurance has become a convoluted and contentious subject....

April 26th, 2022

How to build the AI workforce through accessible education

By Gretchen Stewart, Chief Data Scientist, Intel Public Sector & Ken Michalek, Lecturer, Ocean County College
Skills in artificial intelligence are in high demand. AI education at technical and community colleges can fill the gap. Some 79 zettabytes of data were created, copied and consumed in 2021--a number that will more than double by 2025. To put that in perspective, a single zettabyte is equivalent to 30 billion 4K movies....

April 18th, 2022

A flipped classroom can be a boon for coding education

By Ludovic Fourrage, Founder & CEO, Nucamp
A flipped classroom model improves accessibility and affordability of coding bootcamps, meaning students can keep their jobs while also developing new skills in a new field The traditional models of education have some serious problems that need to be addressed. Seeking a four-year degree is time consuming and expensive, especially for people who are already in the workforce....

April 4th, 2022

How can community colleges fight declining enrollments?

By John Panzica, Product Solutions Specialist, CollegeSource
Community college enrollments are declining While undergraduate college enrollments have been declining steadily since 2012, the trend this year has taken a further downward turn, particularly for community colleges....

March 28th, 2022

3 trends supporting the rise of non-traditional students

By Luyen Chou, Chief Learning Officer, 2U
Universities will need to embrace the needs of non-traditional students, who want a choice in where, when and how they learn While some students are returning to campus, we’ve seen an increase in the number of non-traditional students taking advantage of expanded access to education opportunities online....

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