eSchool News launches innovative Robotics Guide for educators

The first in a series of topic-specific guides, the eSchool News Robotics Guide covers everything you need to know about robotics education

We are excited to bring you the very first in a series of eSchool News Guides, which are full of resources, tips, trends, and insight from industry experts on a variety of topics that are essential to the classroom, school, and district.

This first guide, the eSchool News Robotics Guide, offers expert insight on why robotics is quickly becoming a cornerstone of classroom instruction. In the guide, we take a look at resources to make robotics instruction a bit more manageable. Plus, we’re giving you robotics grants and funding tips, showing you how real teachers incorporate robotics into their classrooms, and linking you to robotics learning apps.

Have you dreamed of building a robotics education program in your school or district? In the eSchool News Robotics Guide, we feature a story outlining how one educator did just that. Do you want to introduce your students to robotics, but find yourself cash-strapped without available funding to finance that goal? We’ve compiled a list of robotics grants to help.

We also highlight examples of how real educators are teaching robotics in their classrooms, and we’ve included a story exploring the reasons why robotics education will give students skills they’ll use throughout their lives.

You can find a complete list of robotics education partners and companies in the guide. Many of those companies offer free teaching resources to accompany their robotics kits, and they have teams dedicated to helping educators incorporate robotics into their instruction.

We’ll release a new guide at the beginning of each month, and we’ll feature content focused around each guide’s topic throughout the month. Stay tuned for eSchool News Guides on STEM learning and makerspaces, physical and network safety, digital and mobile learning, online/blended learning, and more. Each guide also offers a comprehensive index of all the companies involved in that month’s specific focus area.

We hope you’ll share this eSchool News Robotics Guide with your colleagues and use it to learn a bit more about how every educator can fit robotics into their teaching.

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