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Introducing the EdLeader Personality Test

By John Jennings
digital media manager, Skyward
September 24th, 2018

What kind of leader are you? Take this fun test to find out!

Personality tests are fun.

Some people derive valuable insights from them. Others simply use them to validate what they already know about themselves. Most just like to see which category they fall in so they can compare, contrast, and laugh about it with others.

That’s kind of the idea behind Advancing K12’s latest experiment: The EdLeader Personality Test. We identified nine recognizable archetypes from various levels of school and district leadership based on years of observation, then came up with a way for you to find your closest match. The logic behind the 40-question test has undergone thorough testing and validation. We’ve even provided some recommendations based on common pitfalls encountered by each archetype.

Even with all that going for it, the most important thing we wanted to accomplish was to bring something fun into this niche field, in which so many people are counted on to shape and execute a vision for entire communities.

Hats off to you, edleaders. Enjoy.

Take The EdLeader Personality Test today!

About the Author:

John Jennings is the digital media manager at Skyward and managing editor for the Advancing K12 blog. He is a champion of culture and sworn enemy of red tape. You can follow John on Twitter at @LeadWithCulture.

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