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Accommodating Special Needs Learners In Higher Education

How does special education factor into higher education? Special education has a home in higher ed. However, it looks completely different than the K-12 sector. One significant difference is that there is no special education placement or an IEP in higher education. The IEP
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Reimagining the campus experience in the age of COVID-19

How higher ed supports the 2020/21 campus experience will dictate future success While higher-ed institutions have proven success with online learning, the big question on the minds of students, parents, faculty, and staff is: “What is the campus experience going to look like this
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A little forethought around ergonomics can go a long way toward making students happier, healthier, more focused, and more engaged.

How ergonomics impacts student success

Students are spending more and more time using digital devices, both in and outside of school. In fact, the amount of time teenagers spend in front of screens per day for entertainment alone is equivalent to that of someone with a full-time job!
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