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November 24th, 2023

4 simple ways to put the science of reading into practice

By Kim Wooden, Principal Product Marketing Manager, Discovery Education & Former Deputy Superintendent, Clark County School District
Moving from theory to action, integrating the science of reading practices into instruction can help educators boost achievement. In districts across the country, educators are continuing to support students with post-pandemic learning recovery. Many students are still reading below the level appropriate for their grade....

November 22nd, 2023

Reaching edtech harmony in your classroom

By Bob Wudeck, Senior Director of Business Development, BenQ America Corp
Teachers and students thrive with a comprehensive classroom ecosystem--here's how to integrate essential tools like smart boards. It’s important to understand how an integrated, interoperable, and effective educational technology ecosystem can meet the evolving landscape of learning for more efficient, impactful, and secure learning experiences....

November 21st, 2023

Using tech to teach emerging readers high frequency words

By Kandra James, M.A.T., Senior National Director of Literacy Content and Implementation, Curriculum Associates
Emerging readers should be hearing, saying, reading, and writing high frequency words consistently within foundational lessons. There is a plethora of best practice research and engaging, tech-enabled activities on teaching high frequency words to help teachers make it both a fun and interesting learning experience for young students....

November 10th, 2023

Insights from educators: Priorities for 2023-2024

By Dr. Kara Stern, Head of Education Solutions, SchoolStatus
By prioritizing well-being and communication, and addressing challenges head-on, educators can make every school day count for every student. Education news is full of trends and predictions for the new school year, but hearing from the folks doing the work is a more direct path to understanding what educators need at this moment....

November 6th, 2023

Now is the time to plan for next year’s technology upgrades

By Diamond McKenna, Co-Founder, Diamond Assets
With the help of technology experts, districts can create a comprehensive plan that outlines desired outcomes of school technology upgrades. While school districts are well underway into their new year – and their new budget – many are already planning for the year ahead, and technology remains one of the top priorities schools focus on....

November 3rd, 2023

Students need–and deserve–a globalized curriculum

By Roger James Hamilton, Founder and CEO, Genius Group
A globalized curriculum will help better prepare students for work and entrepreneurship and bring education into the 21st century. Learning should be lifelong. Our curiosity for the world around us and its people should be unwavering, and yet school curriculums around the globe do not reflect our ever-evolving landscape....

October 11th, 2023

What students are reading

Librarians and teachers can look to reading trends as a way to connect students with their next favorite book let’s take a look at what students are reading in school libraries and classrooms across the country. Here are the top requested titles according to trend reports in our industry....

October 10th, 2023

How to keep hackers off your school attendance list with object storage

By Anthony Cusimano, Director of Technical Marketing, Object First
Object storage is a great partner for education as it enables versioning and object lock, rendering itself ransomware-proof. As the 2023-2024 school year commences, focus on education is accompanied by a pressing concern for better cybersecurity. Cybercriminals are poised to exploit educational institutions, seeking access to personal, financial, and health records....

October 5th, 2023

Schools are key to solving mental health equity gaps

By Alex Alvarado, CEO and Co-Founder, Daybreak Health
Declining mental health is the national health crisis of this generation, and our schools must act to help students. Equity gaps often prevent youths from accessing the care they need. It’s been reported that even before COVID-19, 1 in 5 children had a treatable mental health diagnosis but only about 20 percent received care from a provider. ...

October 3rd, 2023

Your district’s cyber safety needs help–here’s how to fix it

By Pat Barnett, Principal Consultant, Secureworks Incident Response Team
School systems and districts must work to secure networks and make them less vulnerable to common attacks and cybersecurity. With open networks, tight budgets, and a lack of proper cybersecurity training for teachers and students, there are many factors that lead schools to become prime targets for attacks. ...

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